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      China celebrates first International Tea Day

      2020-05-21 17:35:23

      May 21 this year marks the first International Tea Day, which was designated by the UN on Nov 27, 2019. To celebrate the festival, a series of events took place at the Chinese Businessman Museum in Beijing on Thursday.

      Documentary flies high once again to capture China's beauty

      2020-05-21 15:56:44

      The third season of serial documentary Aerial China offers audiences the next best way to enjoy the beauty and geographical diversity of China from high in the sky.

      Taste Buds | Heathy desserts exist

      2020-05-20 16:49:03

      It turns out that sweet and healthy desserts can be derived when Cantonese people look towards Traditional Chinese Medicine as a guide to eating.

      Video: This is Hubei

      2020-05-20 10:31:59

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