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      UNESCO holds first virtual conference with ministers

      2020-04-26 10:20:00

      On April 22, culture ministers from over 130 countries shared, through an online meeting organized by UNESCO, their remarks on the impact of the COVID-19 health emergency on the cultural sector.

      Reopening of museums postponed in high-risk outbreak regions

      2020-03-02 16:03:04

      All sorts of museums, memorials and cultural heritage sites in high-risk regions of the COVID-19 epidemic should postpone reopening to the public, according to a circular recently issued by the National Cultural Heritage Administration.

      Over 1,000 scenic spots waive entry fees for medics

      2020-02-28 15:47:44

      After the novel coronavirus outbreak, many scenic spots in China have decided to waive entrance fees for the country's medical workers in a gesture of gratitude for their efforts and sacrifices at the front line of the epidemic fight.

      China moves to bail out culture, tourism enterprises hit by virus outbreak

      2020-02-27 09:00:00

      Chinese authorities have rolled out multiple measures to help enterprises weather the storm as the country put on hold all public art, cultural and tourism activities due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, said an official Wednesday.

      China issues guideline on public libraries reopening amid virus battle

      2020-02-26 09:05:00

      China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued a guideline Tuesday to direct steady efforts made by public libraries and cultural centers for epidemic prevention and control and their reopening.

      China beefs up scenic area management amid coronavirus epidemic

      2020-02-26 08:55:00

      China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism has asked scenic areas nationwide to continue implementing epidemic control measures and closely monitor tourist information, according to a set of guidelines issued Tuesday by the ministry.

      Xi's article on cultural protection, exchange to be published

      2020-02-01 17:14:30

      An article by President Xi Jinping on the protection and exchange of the Chinese culture, especially the Dunhuang culture, will be published Saturday on Qiushi Journal, a flagship magazine of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

      Administration calls for more public access to historic buildings

      2020-01-08 09:40:14

      China's National Cultural Heritage Administration has called for scenic spots and organizations to open their historic buildings to the public as much as possible.

      Ancient Civilizations Forum meets in Beijing

      2019-12-03 08:39:45

      Eight countries jointly called for the revitalization of historical civilizations in the development of a contemporary world.

      4th China-CEEC Ministerial Forum on Cultural Cooperation held in Skopje

      2019-11-28 09:25:30

      The two-day 4th Ministerial Forum on Cultural Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs) concluded here on Tuesday.

      Filmmakers told to keep up good work in new era

      2019-11-20 04:00:07

      President Xi Jinping encouraged Chinese filmmakers to create even more stellar works in the new era in remarks read at the opening ceremony of the five-day 28th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival on Tuesday in Xiamen, Fujian province.

      China-CEEC high-level meeting on tourism cooperation held in Riga

      2019-10-24 08:51:55

      The 5th China-Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) 17+1 High-level Tourism Forum was held here in the Latvian capital on Wednesday.

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