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      Online show on ancient Shu Kingdom launched in Sydney

      2020-05-19 15:20:39

      To celebrate International Museum Day on May 18, the China Cultural Center in Sydney launched an online exhibition featuring the ancient Shu civilization.

      Seeking 'A Stitch in Time' at post-COVID art show

      2020-05-18 17:00:09

      After remaining off-limits to the general public for months, the nation's public venues, including art spaces, have finally opened their doors to people seeking cultural enrichment, diversion and recreation in a post-pandemic era.

      Exhibition showcases beauty of Wudang Mountains

      2020-05-18 16:50:58

      China's scenery is renowned for many reasons. One major attraction are the great mountains that lay across the country's land mass.

      Cultural relics exhibited at Nanjing Museum

      2020-05-18 16:27:45

      A journalist takes photos of the exhibits during a special exhibition with a selection of cultural relics dating from the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) to the Qin and Han Dynasty (221 BC-220 AD) at the Nanjing Museum in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province, May 17, 2020. The special exhibi

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