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      80 pictures show wonder of Shaanxi in South Korea

      2020-05-19 14:59:20

      If someone wants to learn the history of China, Shaanxi is a must-visit place. As one of the cradles of Chinese civilization, it was the capital city of 14 dynasties in ancient China.

      Online show on ancient Shu Kingdom launched in Sydney

      2020-05-19 15:20:39

      To celebrate International Museum Day on May 18, the China Cultural Center in Sydney launched an online exhibition featuring the ancient Shu civilization.

      Online photos show Silk Road in Seoul

      2020-05-18 14:49:11

      On May 15, the China Cultural Center in Seoul launched an online photo exhibition on the Silk Road, part of the Visiting China Online series of virtual shows.

      China's world heritage highlighted in online show in New Zealand

      2020-05-14 13:52:29

      The 14-day online display of world heritage in China, launched by the China Cultural Center in Wellington, saw its end on May 11.

      Online exhibition showcases splendid Hubei in South Korea

      2020-05-13 15:55:23

      The China Tourism Office in Seoul recently launched an online exhibition on Hubei's natural wonders and cultural heritage, trying to help local people to appreciate the beauty of Hubei in a most convenient way.

      Chinese embassy to Pakistan sends health packages to students

      2020-05-12 13:28:47

      On May 9, the Chinese embassy to Pakistan sent health packages to Chinese students in the country. This is the second time the embassy provided the students with necessities to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic.

      Chinese, Israeli singers sing tribute to medical workers

      2020-04-13 16:05:24

      China and Israel encouraged and supported each other in the novel coronavirus outbreak. Gilad Segev, an Israeli singer, was moved by the efforts of the Chinese people, and wrote the song, Be There, and sang it with Esther Ha, a Chinese singer, to pay tribute to the brave medical workers in China and

      Counseling hotline comes to aid of Chinese people in South Korea

      2020-04-13 13:14:07

      In early March, the China National Tourism Office in Seoul set up a psychological counseling hotline to ease the strain and fear among South Korea-based Chinese people.

      Health packages warm hearts of Chinese students in Bangladesh

      2020-03-31 11:15:48

      Twenty-three Chinese students in Chittagong, a coastal city in southeastern Bangladesh, received health packages from the Chinese embassy to Bangladesh on March 28.

      Chinese embassy to Pakistan sends health packages to Chinese students

      2020-03-31 11:02:14

      On March 25, the Chinese embassy to Pakistan sent health packages to Chinese students who are studying in the country.

      Exhibition showcases Chinese people’s battle against epidemic

      2020-03-30 10:02:44

      Recently, the China Cultural Center in Seoul launched an online photo exhibition featuring the cooperation between China and other countries on the fight against COVID-19.

      Houston Rodeo cancelled over COVID concerns

      2020-03-13 13:30:00

      Organizers of the 2020 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo announced Wednesday they would shut down the rest of this year's events out of concern for public health.

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